Custom Rigid Boxes in Low MOQ?
How to get Custom Rigid Boxes in Low Minimum Order Quantities?

From premium products to valuable gifts, custom rigid boxes are widely used for a perfect combination of durability and everlasting impression.

A vast range of these custom boxes is readily available, but the real hitch occurs when you need these in low quantities. It gets highly frustrating to find a genuine cooperative supplier. Certain Vendors can produce fewer boxes. However, indeed, it is a hard search to discover them.

Industry background has taught me that almost 90 to 95% of manufacturers don’t welcome low “MOQ” Minimum Order Quantity. Unless they get a bulk order, their production process doesn’t take off.

But what if you are a startup, Solopreneur, you are testing a product or an idea, you undoubtedly need fewer pieces. Now the question arises that how you would find a well-suited Seller that can produce the boxes for you.  

Today I am going to tell you how to get the best quote even you have lower quantities to order. You need to follow the below steps.

  1. What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

  2. How to find a vendor and ask for a “MOQ”?

  3. How to Negotiate with Vendor?

  4. Closing the Deal

  5. Higher Price for Low Quantity

  6. Increase the Quantity

1. What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

The first term you come across during the buying of the boxes is a MOQ. It stands for the Minimum Order Quantity. These are the least number of pieces that a manufacturer is willing to produce in a single order. When it comes to working with the packaging industry, manufacturers don’t go for any order unless they get a respectable profit. It is not cost-effective for manufacturers to start their production process unless they don’t consider specific manufacturing units. You should be willing to meet the manufacturer’s MOQ to get the lowest prices possible.

2. How to find a vendor and ask for a MOQ?

Nowadays, search engines like Google search are a useful tool to find a suitable vendor.

There are individual companies that manufacture as per your required quantities. They don’t stick with their preferences. In the first place, I always like to ask the vendor whether he is ready to print my required pieces or not. There could be many ways to get in touch with the vendor, let me share with you a way that I use quite often, have a look: 

The aforementioned is enough. You would have noticed that I have asked for a quantity from 30 to 1000. Now if the vendor is not interested in producing 30 pieces, he/she will not reply or will excuse. You can also inform the manufacturer of your desired production volume. Real numbers in the query will help the vendor know about the seriousness of your purchasing. Depending upon whether you are working with a small or a larger manufacturer, you’ll always receive different types of rate lists from them. Some rates will come up way too high; you should skip them. Some of the figures will be suspiciously low, which generally indicates that you need a better manufacturer.

3. How to Negotiate with Vendor?

Even for the fewer quantities, there are various ways to get a better quote for your desired boxes. Initially let the supplier know that you are a legitimate company. If the supplier does not deem you as a legit firm, then he will likely refuse to quote you. Therefore, I always suggest that act confidently.    

4. Closing the Deal

Initially, a Vendor can give you higher MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), but mostly they are very much willing to manufacture fewer pieces. Make them realize that you are a long-term customer. After getting a suitable price, move to bank information and offer to pay the invoice immediately. After getting a suitable price, move to bank information and offer to pay the invoice immediately. 

5. Higher Price for Low Quantity
Less quantity of order needs the same amount of financing for the Supplier, which he spends on a standard project.
Suppose his standard Units of manufactured boxes are 50 pieces. However, your required quantity is only ten boxes; the Vendor would have to bear the same cost of labor, which he had to spend on 50 standard number of units. 
In such cases, I go for a higher price. Offer him a bit higher price. For example, if the manufacturer is charging $3 for the per box. For 20 pieces, I would probably offer $3.5.
So, it’s about reaching a mutual point of satisfaction.

6. Increase the Quantity 
You can use this tactic by initially getting a price for fewer units. Then by increasing the quantity, you can get a better quote. It’s all money in the end. 

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