A Protective Sliding Box

Slip Case Boxes

Slipcase boxes are hand made luxury boxes. These are mostly used for packaging & marketing purpose. Customers can easily be attracted to the products having a good presentation. These are made of rigid stock, which is strong enough to hold products safely. As these are hand made custom rigid boxes, so every single box is made with great care. This shape has a lot of space to apply any artwork or the branding of the company. You can print your logo or any full-color artwork so your customers can get a better understanding of the content of the box; as the first impression is the last impression.

It basically consists of 2 pieces. The first one is an outer sleeve or case which is closed from one side while the other side remains open and the second part is the sliding tray or compartment which is used to hold the product safely. Product is placed inside the inner tray, and then the out case covers it. The beautiful yet conceptual packaging for your products is ready.

These boxes can be made into any custom size depending on the size of the product. You can place more than one product in each box. The design is the main part of company branding. It should be easy to remember for your customers, and it helps you to create your own place in the market. You can print any custom design over these boxes as they have a lot of space for your branding. These are made up of hard cardboard material & you get these boxes assembled, means you do not need to spend extra time to assemble these boxes also there is no need for any additional labor cost. Just place your items, and here you go for presenting them to the market. 

It is good to have more customization so you can stay one step ahead. For example, you can have an inner tray with a slant shape. These are very durable boxes; customers can use these boxes more than one time. For multiple products, you can have some additional features to choose from, one of them is foam inserts with different cutouts depending on the quantity and sizes of the product so they can fit perfectly to the boxes. 

Specialized slipcase boxes are typically used to prevent damage to bookbinding and sensitive objects. This mode is also very common with companies who are selling fragrances in fragile glass or can position delicate devices or electronics. This is because the inner lining can be coated so that the products are inside the body and are not stirred or bumped up.

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