Groomsmen Proposal Boxes

The recent pandemic has affected us all. Our lives, social gatherings, events, and even marriages have gone through implications. But the heartening part is this that life goes on, despite all the social distancing measures. If a ring was exchanged on engagements; it is still a tradition. 

The only difference is this that now beau wears the ring in a gloved hand. The bride and groom come close and say, “I do” but with masks on their faces. I agree, today we cannot have massive sitting arrangements at weddings. But most of our marriages are incomplete without bridesmaids and groomsmen. These are the least number of people attending “the big day”. Couples need them around to support, share the happiness, and maximize the magnitude of the matrimonial ceremony. 

Sleekboxes has played the part of a trailblazer many times in the past. Once we had improvised the legacy of “Handover boxes” with custom "Deal closing boxes". Now, this is the time to revitalize the Wedding favor boxes. So, here we are with the happy induction of custom groomsmen boxes

I am a firm believer that these boxes should be in our product category. As marriages don’t happen often. These are the most special moments for any of the individuals. If a specialty is attached to this day; then it is not surprising. After all, these priceless moments are worth celebrating with full joy.


How it all started

Once we opted to have a signature series for these boxes; we thought to offer it for everyone. We have come up with some supremely affordable deal plans for all i.e. individuals, packaging stores, and Etsy shops alike. Our packaging brains were pondering over to develop a box with all the impactable aesthetics that appeal to the people. What can be a startling offering than a rigid luxury box? 

The rigid material is what amplifies the packaging experience. You can carry all the belongings easily. Once a rigid casing is made with a greyboard or the chipboard; you become comfortable. Then no matter what the weight of your products is, you carry the stuff easily. 

Suppose, you have to place a seasonal drink, glass mug, perfume, chocolates, and sweets in the box then cardstock resources cannot do the justice with the required compatibility of the kit. Therefore, it is always required to have harder material that can collaborate with all the digital and aesthetical excellence. 


When a groom asks to be a groomsman

Usually, the process starts by asking. I have seen various ways of this tradition in the US; some of them are the following:

Imprinted invitations

Sending the groomsmen proposal boxes

Dispatching the cigar boxes

Sending the party costume

Having a bachelor party and a verbal request to join


The implications and limitations 

“Imprinted invitations” have a limited approach. What can you do with them? You can only engrave or print the bottles, wallets, and keychains. To carve the cufflinks is also in tradition. Then there is an indication by cigars; I am talking about "cigar boxes". No matter how much wedding stuff you are going to handover them, in the end, it is only “cigars”. 

Now let’s talk about party costumes; it starts from dinner suits, jackets, and tuxedos to embroidered towels. Here you are again confined within minimum choices. If we talk about having a bachelor party. Asking all the friends to join you at the wedlock; it is not preferred by all. And it misses the charm of excitement that is related to the day. 

Among the aforementioned five fashions; you would find the groomsmen proposal gift boxes as the best practice to allure your friends for the big party with style and suave flair.

Why a befitting groomsman box is needed?

I reckon it is not the matter of only choosing the tuxedo, or tie. How can you ignore the personalized groomsmen boxes? Choices have been different. And, it does not matter either. The selection of the gifts depends on you; what you want to give to the groom, what are the things you are wanting to pack? 

I have seen many commodities packed in these boxes. The list starts with sunglasses, keychains to wallets, seasonal drinks, handmade mini daggers, and a lot of unique presents. You would have realized; you need a heavy box for these products. Even if you have to place a few of them, only rigid complies with the weighty things.

When it comes to the wedding of men; nothing can compare with the stag party. Nonetheless, it is also a fact that no marriage is complete without the groomsmen. In the end, you need them. And you need groomsmen boxes. 

Luxury boxes for an alluring product packaging