Bridesmaids Boxes

I am a man, not a girl. Before writing this blog, I acquired help from some females. I wanted to know; how do they see marriage? What are the social, emotional, and personal attributions that are attached for them with their “big day”? 

What I learned was quite interesting. Tears. This was the first word that I came to know about. Have you seen, if a girl is proposed even in this era of scientific and digital revolutions; tears just flow from their eyes? Well, it may be a little amusing. But it is how our American girls are. Or, girls are the same in this phenomenon of love across the world. I don’t know much about all the other countries. But I do know still today, in the twenty-first century, weddings create a heartening effect on ladies.

Supporting the sensations

A lot of dreams, new life, sensations, and expectations are combined with weddings for girls. They plan “the day” very early. They start preparations months in advance. And they are immensely meticulous about each of the moments of the ceremony. They want their marriages to be impeccable. Even their girlfriends wait to become bridesmaids for months.

This is how it goes on. I had some questions in mind about bridesmaids’ arrangements. A lengthy list came in front of me i.e. bridesmaids’ dresses, dances, hairstyles, makeups, speeches, and the special packaging. Everyone has its genres of fondness and inclinations. We should appreciate them. We should support them. 

And this is what we conceived at sleekboxes to stand with the brides, wholesalers, and Etsy shops. Custom bridesmaids’ box is a new product on our platform. Or I can say, it is an extension of wedding favor boxes indeed. 

Lovely preparations and themes

How does it start? A bride first compiles the list of her friends, who would stand by her. When I was writing the blog for custom groomsmen boxes; I came to know that men do not pay much heed towards decorating their handover boxes. But girls have a special place in the minds. They love the bridesmaid’s boxes. They fully personalize them. 

Fonts; their styling and typography play a hefty part in making these boxes. The first thing that I noticed on these boxes was the names of brides’ friends. These names were written in large sizes and with a girlish look. 

Do as they like it

I have never seen the high usage of add-ons on any box than the custom bridesmaid boxes. These cases are adorned with a lot of unique embellishments. Just a day ago, I watched a video on YouTube, and I was a bit surprised to see the mini LED lights inside the box lid, bulbs were placed by the bride by herself. Though, the idea did not click to me. But it was her choice. If she was happy with them. Then all is okay. After all, it is all the personalization. And what you are wanting. 

So, all should be done with the bride’s compliance. Whatever and how she likes to manufacture her box, it should be made in that way. A simple two-piece box had been in the trend for a long time. After making a simple rigid luxury box, the satin ribbon was tied around it. This style of the box is still in fashion. But I have noticed that since the magnetic closure has emerged as a blockbuster box design; brides prefer to have their favorite goodies box of this style. It is easy to open, close, and carry. 


Choices of fillers and insertions

When it comes to place the goodies for ladies in these boxes; the list was longer than the great wall of China. I cannot add more. Brides and their friends know best what to put in these boxes i.e. beauty tools, cleansing materials, chocolates, candies, or seasonal sodas, etc. But one thing I do know; the selection of inserts should be wise. 

Once again; it is your wish. What you prefer. Any type of void filling i.e. bubble or tissue paper wrapping can be enough for you. Nonetheless, standard inserts are foaming ones. I like to have silk inserts in these boxes. Most of the time, it depends on the packaging companies; how they integrate and collaborate with the bride. 

That’s why I think there should be a strong ‘development team’ to guide the customers. The packaging developers should enlighten and enhance the packing themes for the brides. 

Beware of timings and turnarounds

I fully endorse the idea of making these boxes with a fun aspect. No one can deny the fact that these boxes are eventually "fun". Only one thing should be taken care of nowadays; and that is time. Packaging companies are producing and procuring their orders. But procedures have become sluggish. Cargo and transportations have become slow in their operations.

So, if you are planning to make the boxes for you or your clientele; I suggest you make these boxes in advance. I would advise you to start the packaging at least a month before your marriage. Hence you can get your dream and luxury bridesmaid proposal boxes conveniently and comfortably without any delays. 

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