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3 Sided Hinged Cover Box

Hinged Lid Boxes are actually boxes with a flap, or you can say a box is having its covered on three sides attached on one end. It mainly comprises of 2 parts. One is the upper attached lid, and second is the strong base which holds the products firmly. But it's not the final thing. You have the authority to change its shape or customize it as per your needs. It has plenty of area for your branding. The quality of your item will be improved by a hinged lid. It will also provide additional impact when a special note, such as a distinctive, innovative marketing scheme, has to be unveiled. 

The first item that customers see is packaging and the manner in which it represents talks about the value inside. A rigid box is an outstanding option for promoting your products and protecting them properly. The customer can recycle the box for other purposes after its original use. The box transforms itself into a valuable complementary product. This is why this kind of packaging is used by the cosmetics sector for selling goods. Rigid boxes combine market value to your item as well. You create a promotional medium when you attach your logo or identification to your box. Your customer may save that rigid box from securing your item or shopping other products thanks to its power and durability. 

Rigid boxes in packaging are taken as lavish products. They are one of the most strong yet streamlined types of packaging today with the non-collapsible top and bottom. Rigid boxes are handmade or special hardware produced. On a personalized rigid box, you can display specific images or styles such as logos or designs. The choices are never-ending. These rigid boxes can protect your product satisfactorily. All of them are securely wrapped, you can pack whatever you like ranging from crystal-clear glassware or sensitive electronics, from delicate candy to brittle artifacts. 

You can add multiple inserts or dividers for your products. The inner wall can be packed to prevent the products from moving or bumping into the residential.  These boxes are suitable for both business and private applications. 
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